Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu interacted with the founders of voluntary organisations on ‘Role of NGOs in the Development of Nation’ at Raj Bhavan, Chennai during the fifth series of ‘Think to Dare’ initiative of Raj Bhavan. He described the founders of voluntary organisations as role models for society and their heartening and encouraging voluntary service as inspirational. He congratulated them for their unwavering devotion and commitment. There are many volunteers who have dedicated their lives to the cause of good and are touching the lives and hearts of millions of people. Their devoted stories need to be told again and again to inspire and motivate the younger generation. He mentioned that it is an honour for Raj Bhavan to felicitate them.

Nation is a sense of belonging, a sense of pride, connected with all like one large family. The country cannot be built by the government alone. The government comes with policies, but at the grassroots, the policies get so diluted that their spirit is either diluted or killed; the connect of sevabhav is missing. Your dedication and desire to serve the society is bringing the transformation by making policies impactful with people’s participation, transforming it into ‘Jan Andolan’. Each one of you is a nation builder; without your participation, Nation can’t be built.

Today, Nation has been witnessing transformative changes in all fields such as sanitation, education, health, women empowerment, entrepreneurship. A numerous incredible achievements have been made by the young men and women under the visionary National leadership who have trusted and unleashed the power of people. In this transformation, Nari Shakti has crucial role to play. Nation can only grow when women take the leadership.

The world is looking upon India with expectations for leadership for providing solutions for many global issues, such as the climate crisis. India has shown its potential during the time of COVID-19. When the developed and rich countries developed vaccines against the pandemic, they looked at it as an opportunity to make money and started vaccine nationalism. When India developed its vaccine, it shared it with more than 150 countries free of cost. For us, the world is a family, and ‘Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir’ is an eternal part of our Sanskar deeply rooted in all of us. Our generations have grown up with this belief. That’s why India’s presidency of the G-20 is an opportunity to showcase the leadership India can provide to the rest of the world. Sri Aurobindo has explained it in his five dreams. It is an obligation on India to lead the world; it is the divine design manifested upon India. A new Bharat is marching ahead, destined to be fully developed by 2047. In this sacred journey, it is our fortune that we are witnessing the magical transformation and also have the divine opportunity to contribute. It is each of our responsibility to contribute our best efforts to the nation’s construction.