Hon’ble Governor’s speech at International Mother’s day celebration at Raj Bhavan, Chennai.

Annaiar Dhinam wishes to all. Today Raj Bhavan is blessed and made sacred because of the presence of so many mothers. This Raj Bhavan organizes so many functions. Very often we organise so many events but this one is unique. This is to express a modest gratitude, say thank you to our mothers those who are present here and to the rest of the world.

Mothers are the creators. If my mother was not here I would not have been here. We choose one day to express the gratitude to her but the fact is, that in every breadth we take, it is an expression of gratitude to the mother. Only because of her, we are here. Mothers across the world are unique in a way that across the world, irrespective of language they speak, mothers are one set of people you will find uniformity because, Mothers are known for their love, compassion, emotion.

When the child goes to school, colleges and listens to big people, scholars and grows intellectual, but what makes us human is our emotion being. This emotional teaching we get from our mother. My mother is not a literate person but that doesn’t matter. A mother is a mother. It is so pure and so evocative that even when we try to think on divine or divinity, you find a reflection of mother. I am a devotee of Parashakthi. When I close my eyes, the image i see is that of my mother. She is the one I have seen and the one who have shaped me. She was there in any moment of my joy and stress. Even how so ever a person is grown, so long the mother is alive, you have a mother’s lap to give you, the mother’s blissful solace. Be assured you are solaced. The day we lose our mother, we grow old. We do say that our father is important but the place of mother can’t be taken by anyone.

It is the first word ‘Amma’ that the child start speaking. Unfortunately, we are passing through a civilizational crisis, families are getting broken. We have an unfortunate situation where mothers are left unattended. Children grow up, fly away to distant destinations. Mothers or parents are left here alone. The difference between an animal and human is that the animals too have love, care and affection on its child but once the child starts running or flying, the parent animal detach from its child and the bonding ends. It is only the humans that distinguish different from animal. It is the human where the mother continues to love, care all through her last breadth.  Even the son and daughter, may be grown despite having his/her own children continues to receive affection from the parents.

Today, I heard a song during the programme “Amma endrazhaikkaadha uyir illayae” song composed by Ilayaraja, sung by Yesudas. Without the blessing of Amma you can’t raise to any height. Today Raj Bhavan had the privilege to felicitate few mothers. By felicitating these mothers, it is like the Raj Bhavan has been purified. It is like a Yagyan. All that we must remember that where ever we are, we must not abandon our mother at whatever stage of our life.

Thank you all my friends very much from coming here and blessing this Raj Bhavan.

Earlier in the event, Thiru. Ravi Ramanathan, Effective public speaker delivered the keynote address. Hon’ble Governor Thiru. R.N. Ravi and Madam Lady Governor Tmt. Laxmi Ravi felicitated the following guests: Tmt. N. Nagalakshmi (mother of Chess Grandmaster Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa), Tmt. Gnanasundari (mother of Thiru. Ponraj, Paralympic gold medalist), Tmt. B. Jayalakshmi (mother of Thiru. Sasikumar, Founder – Uyir Foundation), Tmt. Meenakshi Chandrasekaran (mother of Thiru. Erode Mahesh, Cine celebrity and motivational speaker), Tmt. Nagamani (mother of Actress Selvi. Aishwarya Rajesh), Tmt. R. Arulmary (mother of Thiru. Sujith Kumar, Founder of Maatram foundation), Tmt. Thilagavathy Gnanadesikan & Tmt. Vasantha Meenakshisundaram, Mothers of Thiru. Vijay Gnanadesikan and Thiru. Ilango meenakshisundaram – Face Tagr), Tmt. J. Heena (mother of Selvi Grace Banu, India’s first Transengineer & Social activist).

Women from the “Sangini” group felicitated Hon’ble Governor and Lady Governor in the programme.