Large scale Afforestation Drive underway in Coal Sector in line with Sustainable Development

Prime Minister lauds Development of Eco-parks and Environ care by Coal Companies

The Ministry of Coal is continuously coordinating with coal CPSEs for promoting large scale plantation on decoaled land, overburden dumps and non-coal bearing land. As per latest assessment, during this financial year,  coal companies have completed plantation on 2338 hect. land, planting over 43 lakh saplings.  In  last five years  a total of 10,000 hect. area have been brought under plantation, using   over 2.24 crore saplings.

Prime Minister Shri Narenda Modi has lauded the efforts of coal companies for reclamation of decoaled land through development of “Eco-Parks”, while inaugurating Chhattisgarh East Rail Corridor dedicated for environmentally sustainable evacuation of coal.

Coal companies are undertaking mission mode efforts for bio-reclamation of available land. Ministry of  Environment, Forest & Climate Change has promoted such plantation to be counted for requirement of “compensatory afforestation”.  Accordingly, all coal companies have submitted proposal to the respective State Forest Department for notification of about 2800 hect. decoaled afforested land for notification as “Accredited Compensatory Afforestation Area”.  This ACA area would be counted towards future requirement of diversion of coal bearing forest land for taking up further coal mining activities.

All coal subsidiaries have dedicated cell for promotion of bio-reclamation / plantation.  Coal Ministry has accorded highest priority for environmentally sustainable measures to ensure just transition in the coal producing areas.