The confidence and trust in Prime Minister Modi is the Biggest reason for the Gujarat’s victory

Rajnath Singh, a senior BJP leader and Union Minister, said on Thursday that the popularity and credibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were key factors in the party’s historic victory in the Gujarat assembly elections.

The BJP is expected to score a resounding victory in Gujarat to secure a seventh consecutive term in office and is expected to exceed past records by gaining the most seats in any assembly election in the state.

In a series of tweets, Singh claimed that the BJP’s “historic triumph” in the Gujarat elections was a testament to the party’s dedication to public welfare, development, and good governance. “The public’s confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, as well as his achievements and credibility, deserve the most credit for this victory. He deserves congratulations, and the public is grateful “said he.

The BJP’s historic victory in the Gujarat elections is a victory of the party’s commitment to development, good governance and public welfare. The biggest credit for this victory goes to the public trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi, his popularity and credibility. Congratulations to him and thanks to the public.

Lt. Col N Thagarajan (Veteran)
Lt. Col N Thagarajan (Veteran)

Lieutenant Colonel N. Thiagarajan is a distinguished geopolitical and defence analyst and boasts over three decades of experience in the Indian Army. His expertise lies in strategic analysis, military affairs, interpreting complex international relations dynamics, and assessing their impact on global security.