BJP leader Annamalai of Tamil Nadu would receive Z-category protection and 33 CRPF commandos to provide security cover

After an intelligence report revealed that Annamalai, the leader of the Tamil Nadu BJP, was receiving threats from Maoists and religious extremists, Z-category security cover will be extended to him. To protect him, a total of 33 CRPF commandos will be deployed to provide security cover.


K Annamalai, the state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), would receive Z-category protection, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). He currently has Y-category security.

Based on a report from the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the decision was made. It claimed that Maoists and religious radicals were posing greater threats to Annamalai.

33 members of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will be made responsible for providing security cover


Lt. Col N Thagarajan (Veteran)
Lt. Col N Thagarajan (Veteran)

Lieutenant Colonel N. Thiagarajan is a distinguished geopolitical and defence analyst and boasts over three decades of experience in the Indian Army. His expertise lies in strategic analysis, military affairs, interpreting complex international relations dynamics, and assessing their impact on global security.